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Willare Bridge Roadhouse is in the heartland of Kimberley cattle country. A place where local cattlemen and traveler's stop for a drink and a good meal as they enjoy the incredible and unique Kimberley region.

Boasting a cafe with barista coffee, a restaurant, caravan park, ensuited 'donga' hotel, fuel station, storefront, and a pool to cool down in at the end of the day. Willare is a fantastic place to live and work.

The historical building of Willare Bridge Roadhouse has a storied past. Once the barracks for post-WW2 British soldiers stationed at Talgarno, a tracking station for the famous Blue Streak Project. When the project ended in the 1970s, the townsite of Talgarno was dismantled, and the remnants became our roadhouse.

Now a donga hotel, caravan park, shop, restaurant and beer garden, the Willare Bridge Roadhouse on the Fitzroy River is a popular oasis for locals, travellers and fisherman alike.

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